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Virtual Courses

Virtual Courses

During the pandemic, AIEME was given permission to allow a fully virtual option for those renewing their ACLS/PALS/BLS cards.  Participants were to be deemed as “experienced” providers and could not be an “initial” participant.  Now that the transmissibility rate has significantly declined, we will be returning to onsite skill stations in 2023.

Popularity of the Virtual Option – Due to the popularity of the virtual “Zoom” courses, we will be offering an option, in 2023, to register for a virtual lecture and then schedule a skills “lab” to complete the course.    As our courses typically begin at either 8:30a or 5p, attending the lecture portion virtually prevents dealing with high volume traffic times and the need to make special arrangements for children getting to or from school.  It also avoids any exposure to larger crowds – the skills stations are by appointment and have limited people at one time. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Are these courses “online”?    Virtual courses are not “online” courses.  These are “live” courses,  led by an AHA instructor, using the Zoom format.  You will have the full benefit of being able to interact with an actual instructor in a “real time” environment.

2)  Do I need to download special software?  To view Zoom on a desktop/laptop computer, you will not need to download any applications.  If using a mobile device, you will need to download the Zoom application.  It is free of charge and found on your application site. 

3)  Do I need special equipment?  You only need a working camera / microphone.  You will be on camera the entire course interacting in both the lecture and written examination testing sessions. 

4)  How do I complete the testing components?  The written examination is displayed on a split screen and the instructor will proctor each question with participants.  Through December 2022, we will provide a “full” virtual course including both the lecture and written/skills testing.  We were granted the option of allowing renewals to participate in this option and simply demonstrate skills on objects other than a mannequin.  This is actually no different than if you attended an onsite course, but had an injury which prohibited you from pressing down on the mannequin.  Just as special dispensation is made for those with medical restrictions, special dispensation is being made for those who need to attend virtually.  As of January 2023, we will return to traditional onsite skills testing.

5)  Are the course cards different than those issued for an onsite course?  No, there is no difference in the cards.