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Private Practice Consultation
AIEME began providing ACLS and PALS courses to the medical community in 1995. Many of our participants are private practice physicians and their nursing/paramedical staff. We have very much appreciated their support and also appreciate the fact that it is extremely difficult to close one’s practice during the week or give up a precious weekend to attend courses. Therefore, in 2008, AIEME created a special program designed just for the private practice offices.

AIEME also specializes in providing corporate education, both onsite and online, to medical schools, law schools, corporations and hospitals in how to recognize substance abuse in patients, clients and employees. This training may provide a significant risk reduction in medical malpratice, as well as criminal and civil liability on the practitioner and corporation’s behalf.


Office Resuscitation Strategies™
In an effort to provide the highest quality of patient care, AIEME has developed a standardized course that will enhance the ability of the private office to respond appropriately to the unexpected office emergency. To begin, AIEME staff will review your code cart in order to insure compliancy with JCAHO / OCHA standards and assist with the acquisition and maintenance of necessary equipment. Second, our consultants will stage “mock code” scenarios created specifically with your patient population in mind.
During this time, staff response will be evaluated and reviewed for quality improvement. Third, a specialized resuscitation flow sheet, designed by AIEME, will be utilized during these practice sessions and will be left with the office. This flow sheet is copyrighted and targets not only the necessary information but also includes articles designed to lessen the risk of medical malpractice. A regular schedule of “skill” maintenance sessions has been scheduled by many of our participating offices and is utilized to satisfy their annual risk management resuscitation requirements.


Corporate & Professional Liability Training – Recognition of Substance Abuse
These sessions include specific training in the recognition of drug abusing patients and staff members. For the physician, recognition skills will be introduced that will not only help to identify abuse but identification of physical signs and symptoms specific to certain drugs. This can prevent serious complications during treatment and therefore reduce medical malpractice events.
For the corporate leader, recognition of substance abuse can prevent serious financial losses incurred by high level staff members’ failing job performance, accidents and injuries induced by impaired employees and safety hazards to fellow workers all of which represent liability to the corporation.

To obtain information on how to schedule a course and/or resuscitation review at your facility, please click on the “Contact Us” icon and someone will contact you within one business day.


ACLS, PALS, BLS and NRP Courses
Initial and renewal courses can be provided. The office can choose an onsite instructor or online access for the lecture portions of the respective courses. Onsite instructors will be available for skills and testing scenarios thus insuring quality assurance and reduction of medical malpractice concerns.

To obtain information on how to schedule a course and/or resuscitation review at your facility, please click on the “Contact Us” icon and someone will contact you within one business day.